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The #1 thing people struggle with in their sobriety is confidence.

👉 Confidence in knowing they won’t drink again.

👉 Confidence to attend social events and have a blast without alcohol. 

👉 Confidence to make new friends who are sober.

👉 Confidence to tell people they’re sober without making it a whole thing.

👉 Confidence to date while sober.

👉 Confidence to just feel normal and enjoy life.

Whew! It affects our social lives, friendships, romantic relationships, day-to-day choices, daily activities, and how we operate in the world. 

It impacts EVERYTHING. 

So if you were to get really honest with yourself…

How is lack of confidence affecting your sobriety – and your life?

And are you actually okay with that?

(Eh-hem… If you made it to this page, we both know the answer to that.) 

So seriously… What could SHIFT in your life if you had better confidence?

Confidence in sobriety is really confidence in yourself.

And it doesn’t just happen to you one day. There’s no fairy godmother with a magic wand coming to suddenly grant you all of your confidence wishes.

Confidence is learned. It’s a skillset. It’s taking the ACTION steps to embody the person you want to be. 

Don’t try to fake it til ya make it! 

If you’re not happy with how you feel in your sobriety, join me to learn:

3 steps to create confidence that goes beyond your sobriety and impacts every area of your life

The truth (and psychology) of why you haven’t experienced that true feeling of confidence you’ve been wanting and what to do to make it happen

How to be unshakeable in your sobriety, so you can trust yourself not to drink regardless of situation or circumstances

The invisible blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and how to move past them

A powerful vision process that will shift you out of focusing on not drinking and into purpose (even if you have no idea what that is)

This isn’t about just being MORE confident – it’s giving you the tools to create real, lasting change. From the inside, out. 

Bust out of the rut, build long-lasting confidence, and go after what you want in life knowing alcohol is in your past for good.  

Join us! 

Hi, I'm Jody!

A year and a half into my sobriety, I was so f*cking over being sober.

It was a steady path to reach that “enough is enough” place…

When I was trying to stop drinking I wanted the confidence to go to the post office without having a slip up.

Then, when I was sober for 6 months, I wanted the confidence to stay sober long term without feeling like shit. (Yes it was that simple LOL)

Then, I went to an AA meeting and was told I was a “dry drunk” because I wasn’t working a program. Keep in mind, I had a therapist at the time, was showing up because I wanted the support, and was trying to figure it out all. That interaction certainly didn’t help my confidence levels.

I wasn’t entertaining the idea of going back to drinking. But I was done with how sobriety made me feel. I didn’t feel like a badass for being sober. No part of me felt confident for living alcohol free.

You know what I was missing? EMPOWERMENT!

I finally said, “no more,” and SHIFTED.

This is how The Sobriety Shift started.

If you resonate with any part of this, I want to support you to make this shift as well. You can feel good in your sobriety and confidently move forward in your life! Join me in this masterclass to powerfully change your relationship with sobriety and let this confidence impact every area of your life.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Got questions?

Anyone who currently doesn’t feel on fire, lit up, and excited in their sobriety is invited to attend. Regardless of how long you’ve been sober, what’s keeping you stuck, or the reasons why you don’t feel confident, you’ll be sure to experience a breakthrough.

The trainings each day will be held on Zoom for up to one hour. You’ll also have the option to join the private Facebook group where you can create community with other sober participants.

8 PM EST – 9 PM EST on Zoom.

I encourage you to attend live, so we can be in connection and community with one another, supporting each other in breakthroughs and witnessing the power of vision. If you choose to watch the replay, then you need to set aside time within a short timeframe, so you can be sure you’ll get the most out of the training and not procrastinate or put it on the back burner. Your confidence, vision, and future deserve that. The replays will be posted in the Facebook and sent via email with if Facebook isn’t your thing.