Want to feel your best...

and be more confident

in 31 days?

Join me for the Empowered Sobriety Dry January Coaching Program

that will shift your relationship with alcohol and put you in the driver’s seat of your life!

Together we’ll create 31 days of fun and freedom from alcohol. You’ll be amazed by the shifts and results you see in your life from this one commitment to stay sober for a month.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us:

Coaching and new tools everyday to support your journey (10 minutes or less!)

Lifetime access to program material so that you can revisit it at anytime

Daily motivation and accountability to stay focused on your commitment while having fun

A new, empowered outlook that translates to every area of your life

Dry january is about choosing to
stay free from alcohol for the whole month…

But it’s truly about so much more.

When you commit to this coaching program, you can expect to:

💖 Build confidence in your ability to set goals and achieve them, plus how to shift when you don’t meet your own expectations or things get hard

Better understand your habits and break old patterns that are no longer serving you and the life you want to create

Build awareness and break free of emotional drinking that you may not even realize is having a negative impact on your confidence and life

Experience better sleep as alcohol has been proven to interrupt REM sleep that’s needed for a truly restful night and wake refreshed with more energy

Experience more clarity of thought, focus, and energy through improved health benefits of being sober

Create more time and money for other things in your life – you’ll see how alcohol impacts both and the rewards of letting it go

Improved relationships and connection as you learn to NOT use to alcohol as a way of connecting and find deeper, more valuable ways to connect

Unlock a new level of empowerment that will support you in every area of your life

The Dry January Impact

There are a TON of benefits of choosing to be alcohol-free!

Whether you choose to stay sober for a month or decide to stick with it long term,
this challenge will get you started in a powerful way.

Who is this for?

👉 You feel like alcohol has more power over you than you would like and you want to know you are in the driver’s seat of your life and your choices


👉 You have a history of having a complicated relationship with alcohol and you want to finally break free from the cycle with new tools that will empower you to make sure it sticks this time


👉 You’ve been curious about sobriety coaching and how it might benefit your alcohol-free journey


👉 You’re curious about how it would feel and what’s possible if you live an alcohol-free life – this month is a great time to test it out!


👉 You’re feeling bloated and blah from the holidays and you want a powerful reset

👉 You enjoy a challenge and you’re ready to enter the year with a new healthy habit

Whatever your level of curiosity, this coaching program will have something for you.

Who is this for?

Please note…

Since alcohol abuse is a serious issue, this coaching program is not the best avenue for those who are severely struggling with withdrawals and need medical attention. Please get the proper care and support from medical professionals if this is you.

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of each person’s journey with sobriety, we ask that you be aware of your actions in the program. This isn’t the place to be bragging that you don’t have a problem and you’re just here for the fun. Be supportive of everyone’s personal journey and choices!

The Dry January Impact

How it works:


January 1, 2024 - January 31, 2024


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You'll get lifetime access to the coaching program material so that you can revisit it at anytime.



Hi! I’m Jody.

I had no clue such things as Dry January existed until I was two years sober.

Honestly, when I was experiencing alcohol abuse back in 2015, I wasn’t interested in trying out an alcohol-free life.

I wanted to do everything in my power to keep alcohol in my life! I didn’t want to give it up because I couldn’t imagine my life without it which is why I understand how difficult this can be even if you don’t identify as someone who is struggling with alcohol abuse.

But not to worry!

You’ll receive coaching tools to support you throughout the month and beyond so that you can feel empowered on this journey without feeling deprived.

If you’re like most people,
the things keeping you from experiencing empowered sobriety are:

Not having anyone in your life who supports your decision to be sober and having to do it alone

Not wanting to make a commitment to be sober for life so you don’t want to even make the smaller commitment for a month

Being afraid you’ll fail and therefore not committing at all

Not having enough motivation and support to stick with it

Not thinking you truly need it so never really trying it out

If you feel like any of the above, this program is just for you.

When you join this program,
you can get the support you need to get results that will transform your life -
a powerful shift in your relationship with alcohol.

The Dry January Impact

I finally got free over 8 years ago

and now support people through their own sober journeys.

No matter your current relationship with alcohol,

my Empowered Sobriety Dry January coaching program will help you get on the right track to

feeling confident, clear, and strong this year.

and you’ll receive an email from me with all the details!