Spend the Holidays Empowered...

not freaking out!

Sober holidays! OH EFF! Can we just skip them? Afraid you’re going to drink or that cravings will be intolerable? YESSSS I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!


I remember my first sober holiday season in 2015. Oh my! I was only 1 month sober during Thanksgiving. No joke, I volunteered to cook EVERYTHING except for the turkey (literally no desire to ever cook a turkey). I was willing to do almost anything to keep myself busy that day.

I remember 12 PM rolled around and people started cracking open beers and rounding up the neighborhood to play football. 


Suddenly, I felt a huge trigger creep up on me. I wanted to drink. I started romanticizing about what it would be like to just relax, have fun and have a beer (or 15). I even considered playing football (that was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever considered doing…).


The only tools I had at the time were recovery podcasts and therapy. I didn’t have a toolbox, strategies, anyone to relate to or a shoulder to lean on. 

I was left just clenching my fists, grinding my teeth and holding on for dear life! Anything just to stay sober.


I almost gave in to the unbearable craving. No one knew I was sober except for my brother and I was willing to say whatever I needed to say to make my drinking excusable.


What I needed that holiday season was HELP! I needed tips on how to stay sober from a place of empowerment. I needed to feel like a BADA$$ for making the choice to be alcohol free amongst everyone else who was drinking.

I needed to be prepared with:

  • Strategies
  • A completely different way of thinking
  • Someone to coach me through those hard moments
  • A shoulder to lean on
  • Effective strategies to process my thoughts that were leading me to the drink
  • Deep self trust
  • Unshakable HOPE, not fear
  • Empowerment

Look, what I went through that day felt like a living hell! Sobriety should feel freeing, not like the prison you were in with alcohol.

I want to support you this holiday season so I’ve put together my Holiday Sobriety Empowerment Bundle so you can truly thrive this holiday season and TRUST yourself to remain empowered through your holiday experience.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Sobriety Mindset Starter Course ($697 value)

    My signature course that all of my clients start with to get the mindset tools that lay the foundation for their empowered sobriety journey

Plus these bonuses:


    Sober Holidays: How to Thrive & Remain Empowered ($97 value). Inside this training you’ll identify your fears, learn about the common challenges people face during the holidays and 10 powerful tips to thrive throughout this holiday season


    Sobriety Talk: Sharing Your Alcohol Free Life with Family & Friends ($97 value). Learn how to confidently tell your family and friends about your alcohol free life so you don’t accidentally sabotage your sobriety. You’ll get a full strategy, bonus tips about why it feels like people don’t support you and the roadmap to truly embody empowered sobriety.


    Holiday Empowerment Journal Prompts ($97 value). You’ll get 5 journal prompts to begin shifting your mindset from fear to empowerment so you can truly feel free this holiday season. PLUS, a bonus prompt to begin your daily mindset journaling practice

A $988 value for just $97 to prep you before the holidays.

Say no more - I'm in!

Or grab this bonus...

Upgrade your package and choose the VIP option! You’ll get 2 - 60 minute coaching calls with me and 1 week of Voxer voice messaging support. This is the way to really up your support and accountability game with direct coaching from me! You’ll have me in your back pocket to receive help, celebrate wins, ask questions and create your personalized sobriety toolbox.

One-on-one support and personal coaching for $297 with the VIP option.

Upgrade me to VIP!

The holidays don’t have to mean stress.

Empower yourself and enjoy them instead.