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Sobriety Talk:

Sharing your alcohol free life with friends and family (so you don't accidentally sabotage and you have the support you need to live an empowered sober life)

The #1 thing that stops my clients from empowered sobriety is hidden in these conversations. Are you avoiding them?

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Join me for this FREE 60 minute training to:

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    Discover the hidden keys to your sobriety that are lurking in these conversations and how they’re actually your roadmap to empowered sobriety

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    Understanding the feelings that are coming up for you and using this powerful information to lock in more confidence

  • 3

    How to have empowering conversations with those you love so you build a stronger relationship and longer lasting sobriety

  • 4

    Learn the truth behind what it’s like for those in your life and understand how shame and fear may be quietly sabotaging you

This is essential if you ever want to experience empowered sobriety.

These difficult conversations can feel confusing and daunting. Let’s take the fear away and empower you to approach these areas of your life with confidence, free from guilt and shame. You’ll notice how these subtle awarenesses will create big shifts and set you up for less white-knuckling and more freedom in your sobriety

We’re not meant to walk this path alone and our support system needs to go beyond anonymous meetings and sobriety communities. In this 60 minute live training we will cover all that you need to know about communicating your sobriety wishes to your loved ones and how to actually get their support in the process.

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Jody Ventura

Empowered Sobriety Coach

Hey there! I’m Jody and I’m an Empowered Sobriety Coach and I support people who are ready to live an empowered alcohol free life.  On October 21, 2015, I decided I was done drinking for good after struggling with addiction for many years. A year and a half into my sobriety, I hit a turning point and I realized I did not feel empowered in my alcohol free life. When I got really honest with myself, I knew there were things I needed to shift in order to truly feel empowered. I stopped calling myself an alcoholic, I stopped going to meetings out of fear of relapse and I let go of the shame, blame and guilt that was keeping me from reaching my full potential in my life. This was such a pivotal point for me on my journey that now I help others who are ready to do the same.