The transformational program with personalized support for womxn who are already sober, yet not living a full HELL YES life.

The empowered sober babe knows she is so much more than her relationship with alcohol. She is on a mission to be her best self in all areas, confidently going after her dreams, to create a life that’s bigger than the bottle. 

Is alcohol and your past STILL killing your vibe?

  • You’re a bossbabe in every other area of your life, but when it comes to thinking about alcohol and your past you are still ashamed and embarrassed
  • More days than not, you are hyper focused on your sobriety or not drinking and it takes up a lot of your thoughts, time, and energy
  • “Taking it one day at a time” makes you nervous about the future and potentially messing up your life again
  • You create excuses and avoid going to certain events or doing things you use to enjoy out of fear of you may relapse
  • When you go to a social gathering, you pray no one notices you’re drinking sparkling water because you don’t want to tell people you’re alcohol free
  • You keep going to meetings because you believe that if you stop going it means you’re destined to relapse and you’re terrified of that happening
  • You follow tons of sober accounts online and feel jealous that they are so confident in their sobriety
  • Sometimes you secretly wish you could just be a “normal” drinker and it frustrates you that you have to abstain completely

→ You just want to MOVE ON already!

Most sober babes don’t realize that alcohol is still running their life.

I had a HUGE surprise when I was working on maintaining my sobriety…

I thought getting sober was the hard part, but I discovered it was only the first step.

Early in sobriety, I did what I thought I was supposed to do. I attended the meetings. I called myself an alcoholic. I avoided events where I knew alcohol would be served. 

My entire life was STILL centered around alcohol – not drinking, trying not to think about drinking, and trying to forget all of the things I had done in my past. It was all consuming. 

And big surprise…none of it actually felt good – or empowering. 

In fact, it had the opposite effect. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. 

I felt resentful that others could drink and I couldn’t. 

I felt embarrassed that I had to be sober. 

I felt ashamed that this is where I ended up in life. 

Alcohol, or more accurately avoiding alcohol, was STILL the central force in my life that was impacting all of my decisions.

Was this really as good as it gets????

I thought sobriety was going to be empowering, feel good, and change my life for the better.

Isn’t that what everyone always told us?!

Turns out I was in a typical sobriety trap that no one really talks about –

The foundation of my alcohol free life was built on an ideology that disempowers and keeps alcohol at the center of our lives. 

It makes sense of course…

The typical strategies have us so focused on NOT drinking that it’s actually all we can think about! Funny how that works!

This is why I teach empowered sobriety.

The Sobriety Shift focuses on 2 main things –

1. Not having sobriety be the center of your life. I teach you what to focus on instead so that you can confidently know you’ll stay sober and move on with your life.

2. The life you can create (and the one you’re truly meant to be living) when you put alcohol behind you once and for all.

Have you ever thought about what you’d LOVE to create in your life when thoughts of alcohol or your past aren’t clouding your vision?

That’s true sobriety

It’s very different than other resources available in the sobriety community and it works. 

The biggest result for me was preparing myself for the next phase in my sobriety. I feel full of joy and light! I feel much more equipped to deal with those things and be present. My advice is to just do it! I had invested money, time and effort into things that weren't good for me in the past.
The Sobriety Shift graduate

Empowered Sobriety:

living a life truly free from alcohol

The Sobriety Shift:

the freedom to create anything you want.

No more:

  • Feeling embarrassed to be sober
  • Hiding your sobriety 
  • Allowing negative thinking to keep you from creating a full HELL YES life
  • Hoping one day you’ll just wake up and snap out of it
  • Feeling like this is as good as it gets likes it’s some kind of punishment for past decisions
  • Feeling anything but PROUD and CONFIDENT about your sobriety

Here is what's included:

Video Training & Mindset Modules

Lifetime access to 9 video trainings that are the foundation of the Sobriety Shift method. These trainings were created specifically for this program to address the 4 pillars necessary to shift into empowered sobriety - and stay there for life. Modules are carefully constructed and released one week at a time to ensure you are absorbing and practicing these tools. Included in each module is soul work designed to integrate these trainings, making these practices an active part of your daily life. Lifetime access empowers you to revisit these trainings as much as you’d like, even beyond our 12 weeks together.

Live Coaching Calls

Weekly 90 minute group calls (12 total) designed for coaching. We use this time to address your personal needs and deepen the teachings from the video modules. These cohorts are intentionally small and intimate to provide a high level of support and accountability, really creating community, a key component of empowered sobriety. Calls include opportunities for Q&A, the ability to connect with other women in the group one-on-one, and a safe space to share what you need. With this group, you won’t ever have to feel like you’re doing this on your own or you’re just a number.

Private Coaching Activation Call

This is a client favorite! You’ll receive one private coaching call with me to go deep into a particularly challenging yet transformational process that catapults you into empowered sobriety. The combination of support on the weekly group calls with this individual safe space is a powerful part of creating lasting change.

Private Community Forum

You’ll be invited to join our private forum just for this cohort of The Sobriety Shift. Use this space to connect with community, ask questions, and receive coaching beyond the group calls. This allows us to remain connected daily and provides support for whenever you need it.

Bonus Courses:

The Starter

I love giving clients access to this 10-day journey, so they can start right away with understanding the Sobriety Shift difference. It gives you a powerful kick-start and short videos to learn the foundations of concepts we will cover in our 12 weeks together. The earlier you join the group, the earlier you can get started with understanding how to stay sober long term and put alcohol in your past for good.

The Sobriety Shift Psychology and Consciousness

The deep psychology and science of change and how it’s impacting your sobriety. In this bonus training, I walk you through powerful steps to creating lasting change, unlocking WHY you’ve been struggling and WHAT to shift to experience empowered sobriety energy. This breaks it down for you so you can clearly see the deeper layers that have been impacting your thoughts around sobriety and what to do next.

How to Powerfully Shift in Your Relationships & Get Support

The #1 threat to empowered sobriety for my clients always comes down to relationships. What if your partner is still drinking? How do you tell your friends you’re sober? What if your partner isn’t supportive of your sobriety journey, doesn’t get it, and didn’t even agree with you investing in support? This course empowers you to build your support system in “real life” and beyond sobriety communities, helps you navigate conversations about sobriety, and effectively communicate your wants and needs. I teach you how to ask for support so that you can focus on your growth without living in secrecy and shame. I highly recommend doing this course the minute you get access!

Be done with “I just…”

The #1 thing I hear from sober babes who are feeling blah is “I just want to…(fill in the blank).” 

They often say… Move on. Feel confident. Let it go. Not give a f*ck! 

What’s YOUR “I just” statement?

In The Sobriety Shift, we tackle your “I just” statement, making it a thing of the past. 

This program is designed to go deep, uncovering the layers of why you haven’t been able to accomplish that “I just” yet.

It frees you from the spin that’s keeping you focused on the past and stuck in disempowered ways of being. 

Then it gives you a path forward into a life that’s WAY bigger than the bottle. 

When alcohol and sobriety aren’t draining your thoughts and energy your life accelerates and uplevels in every area. 

If you are clear that living alcohol free is the best choice for you, but you KNOW it should feel a whole lot better than it does right now, you have the opportunity to take a powerful step forward… 

The Sobriety Shift is a small, intimate group of women just like you who are ready to feel proud and excited in their sobriety. It’s about building a life where sobriety is just one small part of your journey and not the whole freakin’ story. 

This is a LIVE program, so you’ll have my individual attention and support throughout the 12 weeks. 

I am committed to your success and don’t accept everyone into this program. I only allow those who are the right fit for this level of work to join and enter into this community space. 

If you are simply curious for more information or want to be considered for my next group, fill out the information on this page and you’ll be led to your next steps. 

Before you’re invited to join, we’ll connect personally on the phone to ensure this is the best program to support you on your journey and where you are right now.

I want you to feel empowered, confident, and like you don’t give a F*CK about alcohol or your past!

I want you to know you can create a life full of passion and purpose that is so much bigger than the bottle. 

I want you to have the tools to create a full HELL YES life… 

Without alcohol killing your vibe.

I look forward to connecting with you!

I would 1000% would recommend this program to someone else! This program is what you’ve been missing. This is a process you’re not meant to do alone. This is really the key to transforming and turning around your life.
The Sobriety Shift graduate

This is the empowered sobriety experience:

Got questions?

This is a complimentary 30 minute call with me where I get to know more about you and where you are on your journey to empowered sobriety. If I think you’ll be a great fit for the program (which I’m sure you are) then I’ll tell you more about my program and answer any questions. There is no obligation to move forward or commit to working with me just because we have this call together. We’ll just have an honest conversation between two women who’ve been there and get it. Whether you decide to join this program or not, you’ll leave this time together empowered in your decision to be alcohol free.

It’s our responsibility to communicate what we need and why it is important to us. Often times we assume our partners understand what we’re going through and the truth is, they don’t. We must paint the picture for them. Your partner needs the opportunity to be let in on your real day to day pain/frustrations living alcohol free in order to truly support your decision to join the program. I’m talking heart to heart, knee to knee, really communicate the pain and frustration you are experiencing in your life. Share with them what you’re hoping to get from this experience and the vision you see for yourself after it’s complete. Share how you will you be able to show up for yourself, your partner and your family after doing the program. I always remind my clients that if the people in our lives truly understood what we’re going through, they would do everything in their power to support us. No one wants to see someone they love suffer.

Of course! If you’re in AA, an outpatient or currently in therapy, you can absolutely join The Sobriety Shift. This is a mindset focused course and will only add more tools to your tool belt. The more support, the better!

The program is hosted on Zoom video chat to allow us to really connect. I understand being on camera might be a fear of yours and that’s okay. The first time I was on Zoom I immediately turned off the camera because I couldn’t look at myself. I quickly realized I was just allowing my fear to be stronger than my healing. I worked up the courage to say yes to face to face connection and healing and that’s when I started to get the results I was looking for. Getting sober and feeling good in our sobriety is about facing our fears. You can face this fear of being on Zoom and get the healing you deserve.

No problem! All calls are recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. I ask that my clients make every effort to make it to every call to receive the live coaching and really be dialed in on the experience. All calls are 90 minutes just once a week for 10 weeks.

You spent the money and time on drinking, so I know you have time to heal. No one can do the work for you. This transformation doesn’t just magically happen, even though it is a magical experience! Let’s put it this way, if you have time to feel bad in your sobriety and allow negative thoughts to run your mind, you have time to learn the right tools to feel better. And let’s be real, there will always be something that comes up in our life that might feel like it’s getting in the way. Now is the time!

I love me a payment plan!!! I will work with you on a payment plan that works for both of us. My coaches in the past have done this for me and OMG it was a saving grace! I will do the same for you.

And if you did have the finances, where would they come from? Sometimes we have to think outside the box for something we really want. We spent so much time and money on alcohol and it was easy for us to spend that money. Now it’s time to heal and feel better but you’re holding yourself back?! Think outside the box so you can say YES! 

It’s really not about the money. It’s about whether or not this is truly important to you. Is it a priority to feel good in your sobriety or is it a priority to continue to feel bad everyday and dread your life as an alcohol free woman?

This is also about trust in ourselves. I remember getting sober and not trusting myself. I mindlessly spent so much money on drugs and alcohol so how could I possibly be trusted spending money on my healing? I’m giving you permission to trust yourself in this process of healing and get the right tools to truly change your life.

And if you were ready, what would that look and feel like for you? How will you know you’re ready? What you really need to ask yourself is how much longer are you willing to sit with your pain? How much longer are you willing to wake up in the morning hating yourself because you drank again even when you promised yourself to the moon and back that you would stay sober? How much longer are you willing to spend each day feeling, like shit in your sobriety? How much longer are you willing to allow yourself to hide out and avoid events because you might have to tell someone you’re alcohol free? If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s time to say YES! If there is even a small percent of you that wants to say yes, that means you’re ready. Allow your YES to be bigger than your fear.

I would also encourage you to check out The Sobriety Shift – Starter. This is a self paced program where you’ll get immediate access to all 7 modules and a 25 page workbook. There is VIP option to get private support from me as well. Click here to access the program.