Teaching you the biggest shift you can make in your sobriety to put alcohol in your past – for good.

Learn how to stay sober long term WITHOUT labels, shame, blame, guilt, constantly struggling to make it stick this time, or thinking about alcohol (or not drinking) all the time.

If you struggle with staying sober even after stretches of being alcohol free OR if you’re already sober but in the energy of hoping and wishing it sticks this time

It’s time to empower yourself with the tools to make lasting change.

When I was getting sober in October 2015, I knew there MUST be some secret to sobriety because the meetings and typical talk just wasn’t working.

I was caught in the cycle

Maybe you recognize it....

  • I would promise myself I was done with alcohol and then 30 minutes later I’d be drinking again
  • The next morning I’d wake up and say the most hateful things to myself for giving into the cravings & losing control
  • Shame, blame and guilt consumed me on a daily basis 
  • I could NOT stop thinking about my past 
  • I had zero hope of truly making a change in my life 
  • The feelings were too heavy to handle and I’d find myself drinking again just to cope
  • I’d break any streak of sobriety I had and be right back in the cycle
  • I hated who I was and didn’t believe there was a way out
  • I thought I had to keep quiet and figure all of this out on my own

Does any of this sound familiar?

Getting sober felt just as likely as me jumping in a spaceship and heading for the moon.

While many programs focus on just not having that next drink, they leave out some of the darkest parts of the sober journey that are key to creating a shift.

  • The self hate and torture
  • The feelings of being alone
  • The unintended ways we disempower ourselves as we wrestle with alcohol

I want you to imagine when...

  • You can see into your future and feel excited about what is to come because you trust yourself to stay sober.
  • Trying to not drink everyday isn’t your first thought waking up in the morning.
  • You can fill your time with things you love rather than fighting to stay sober.
  • You have the confidence to stay sober rather than just hoping it will stick this time.
  • You can trust yourself to do simple, everyday things AND plan for the future.
  • You’re out of the drinking cycle and living the life you know you deserve to live.

Get clear on the missing piece that’s kept you from staying sober long term, understand how to change it, and know exactly what to focus on to string together more sobriety time so you can experience the confidence to keep going and stay sober for good.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Gain control over your cravings so that you no longer feel like you’re in a constant battle with alcohol
  • Understand why you keep sabotaging your sobriety and learn to outsmart this sneaky saboteur
  • Implement ways to overcome the cravings and triggers so you can string together more than 3-4 days of sobriety
  • Stop punching yourself in the face every time you “mess up” and shift into self compassion and curiosity instead
  • Learn new tools that lead to LONG TERM sobriety and finally break the cycle
  • Shift from feeling frustrated & hopeless to in confident and empowered
  • Have a mind that works for you, not against you

This program is the perfect START to approaching sobriety in a whole new way and creating a SHIFT that lasts for life.

Check out what is included below:


Learn the powerful mindset tools to shift out of the vicious drinking cycle.
Learn the powerful mindset tools to shift out of the vicious drinking cycle and begin experiencing the freedom of sobriety. This course is designed to walk you through daily trainings for 10 days, giving you exactly what you need to create a HELL YES life, one step at a time. You’ll get lifetime access to this course so that you can go through it again and again, anytime you need support. All of my clients start with the tools taught in these trainings to begin their journey to empowered sobriety so that alcohol is no longer killin’ their vibe!


Is it possible to experience relapse and still feel empowered?
Learn how in this client favorite that totally shakes up everything you’ve been taught. We break down what’s really going on during relapse and you’ll get a powerful reframe to set you up for success and shift into an empowered mindset on your sobriety journey. If relapse has kept you from maintaining your sobriety, this is a MUST watch.


The process of getting sober is confusing AF! We know we want to stop drinking but we can’t seem to just do it.
We read all of the books, we know how bad alcohol is for our bodies, we understand all of the negative consequences but we still don’t change! WHAT.THE.HECK?! The frustration turns into shame, blame and guilt, which sends us right back into the drinking cycle just to cope. You’ll learn about my own unique perspective on the process of getting sober combined with special insight that reveals what actually stands in the way of us making this change. No more wondering why it took you so long to get sober or why you are currently resisting and struggling to get out of the drinking cycle. This module is sure to empower you to make this shift for good!


Reflection questions and journal prompts for each module.
Reflection questions and journal prompts for each module, so that you can apply these potent teachings to your sobriety. Put these tools into practice in your everyday life, so you can embody the necessary framework to experience an empowered sober life.

Total Investment: $297

I wish I had this program when I was getting sober! I was missing the key piece that would’ve changed everything for me. I felt like I had been lied to because nothing about sobriety felt that good. Wasn’t my life supposed to be so much better and awesome once I gave up drinking?! Why then, did I still feel so down on myself, lacked confidence, and really just felt crappy on a daily basis? I created this program so that you don’t have to look in the mirror and say horrible things to yourself hoping it will one day get better. Trust me, if shaming, blaming and guilting yourself into sobriety actually worked, you’d already be sober!

It's time to choose yourself and say YES!


  • Fighting cravings alone
  • Wishing and hoping you’ll stay sober this time
  • Fearing your next relapse
  • Self loathing and then drinking to make yourself feel better
  • Feeling out of control and baffled as to WTF is going on

Say YES now and free yourself from alcohol running your life - and killing your vibe - forever. Take your power back and say YES to the freedom to create a life bigger than the bottle!

Say YES now and free yourself from alcohol running your life - and killing your vibe - forever. Take your power back and say YES to the freedom to create a life bigger than the bottle!

Say YES now and free yourself from alcohol running your life - and killing your vibe - forever. Take your power back and say YES to the freedom to create a life bigger than the bottle!