Sobriety Shift


with Jody Ventura

The Sobriety Shift is a method of approaching sobriety so you can transform your relationship with alcohol – taking your power back and gaining control. The result is long term freedom from alcohol and a life full of purpose and passion

Just imagine what you could be focusing on if alcohol wasn’t draining your thoughts and energy!

This method was created by Jody Ventura as a result of her personal experience with addiction and struggling to fit in to recovery communities & ideologies. They didn’t work for her long term and they weren’t working for her clients.

She was tired of constantly focusing on alcohol and feeling the shame and guilt.

The Sobriety Shift is different – it leads to empowerment

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Sobriety! Whew, right?!

What you see today is the result of YEARS of struggle and heartache. It’s important you know that. I stumbled (sometimes literally) through a relationship with alcohol that was painful, time consuming, and psychologically damaging. 

I had the party girl days. I had the blackouts. I had the hiding my bottles of vodka moments. 

You could say I got the full experience with alcohol. 

When I was in the throes of my own addiction, I kept trying to moderate, couldn’t make it more than 3 days without relapsing, and then would beat myself up constantly for getting to this point in my life. 

I believed I was a burden, that my problem was too big for those in my life, and I genuinely believed the world would be a better place without me. It still makes me teary eyed to talk about that moment where I looked into my future and couldn’t see anything there. 

I was a problem.

What was the point in me being here?

I know we just met and that’s a little heavy to just dive into. But it’s important that you know, no matter where you are on your journey, I’ve most likely experienced similar thoughts in my own personal life. 

It was an absolutely insane cycle, yet it was my daily life. Thoughts about alcohol took up most of my day. If I wasn’t drinking it then I was thinking about how I needed to stay away from it. Even when I was sober! That’s how you know when alcohol still has control over you. 

When I began focusing on the opportunity for me in sobriety, everything shifted. That first true mindset shift led me on a path to create The Sobriety Shift method. 

Other programs and common paths didn’t work for me, so I created one that did. 

I’ve been sober since October 2015, I’m a certified life and recovery coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and I’ve spent countless hours coaching people into their own empowered relationship with alcohol.  

The most exciting part of the work I do is watching my clients create what’s next in their lives. There’s come a point where alcohol is no longer something they think about – then they go on to live lives that are purpose focused and full of things they love. This is really the moment I love – that’s the moment of real freedom. 

I’ve watched countless clients go from struggling to freedom when they were given the right tools. I’ve made it my life mission to teach, empower, and guide you to live a life that’s fully your choice and free of the weight of an abusive relationship with alcohol.

Dare to love your alcohol free life!

The Sobriety Shift is the freedom to create anything you want. 

The empowered sober babe knows she is so much more than her relationship with alcohol. She is on a mission to be her best self in all areas, confidently going after her dreams, to create a life that’s bigger than the bottle.

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Stop letting alcohol kill your vibe.

Have you ever dared to dream about what’s next in your life AFTER sobriety?

When I’m not talking all things sobriety, you can catch me at an Orange Theory fitness class, walking my dog Chanel, or eating the Puerto Rican dishes that my boyfriend makes. I get sassy when debating who should get the bigger slice of pizza or if you try to steal a bite of food off my plate. Burritos and sprinkle cookies are my love language.  😍 Are you noticing a theme? #noshame 😉

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In this 60 minute call we’ll talk about your journey, where you are now, where you could be with the tools from The Sobriety Shift method, and what your next steps are to experience an empowered life free from the mental drain of alcohol and people’s perceptions of your sobriety.