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Mindset tools, confidence boosting real talk & a long term path for freedom from alcohol.

Stop letting alcohol kill your vibe!

A whole new way of approaching sobriety and creating your HELL YES life! You deserve to have a life AFTER alcohol - where you no longer even think about the bottle (or all of the crazy things you did while drinking). The Sobriety Shift gives you a path to break free, once and for all.

Hi new friend! I'm Jody!

I’ve watched countless clients go from struggling to freedom when they were given the right tools.

Even if you’ve been sober for years, alcohol may still have it’s claws in you. 

I’ve made it my life mission to teach, empower, and guide you to live a life that’s fully your choice and free of the weight of an abusive relationship with alcohol. 

When I was in the throes of my own addiction, I kept trying to moderate, couldn’t make it more than 3 days without relapsing, and then would beat myself up constantly for getting to this point in my life. 

It was an absolutely insane cycle, yet it was my daily life. Thoughts about alcohol took up most of my day. If I wasn’t drinking it then I was thinking about how I needed to stay away from it. Even when I was sober! That’s a clear sign that alcohol still has control over you. 

When I began focusing on the opportunity for me in sobriety, everything shifted. That first true mindset shift led me on a path to create The Sobriety Shift system. 

Other programs and common paths didn’t work for me, so I created one that did. 

Today, I’ve been sober for 7 years, I’m a certified life and recovery coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and I’ve spent countless hours coaching people into their own empowered relationship with alcohol. 

Let’s team up to get you free!

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The Starter COURSE

Learn how to stay sober long term WITHOUT labels, shame, blame, guilt, constantly struggling to make it stick this time, or thinking about alcohol (or not drinking) all the time.

  • In this program you will learn how to:
  • Gain control over your cravings so that you no longer feel like you’re in a constant battle with alcohol
  • Understand why you keep sabotaging your sobriety and learn to outsmart this sneaky saboteur
  • Implement ways to overcome the cravings and triggers so you can string together more than 3-4 days of sobriety
  • Stop punching yourself in the face every time you “mess up” and shift into self-compassion and curiosity instead
  • Learn new tools that lead to LONG TERM sobriety and finally break the cycle
  • Shift from feeling frustrated & hopeless to in confident and empowered
  • Have a mind that works for you, not against you

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Learn THE shift to Stop Thinking About Alcohol For Good and Create a Life Totally FREE From Alcohol

Just you living the life you were meant for without alcohol killing your vibe.