The Sobriety Shift

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Ditch the alcohol, find your confidence, and experience the freedom to create a life you love

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The Starter Course

Learn how to stay sober long term WITHOUT going to hours of meetings every week, constantly struggling to make it stick this time, or thinking about alcohol (or not drinking) all the time. Begin to implement the biggest shift you can make in your sobriety to put alcohol in your past – for good. 

If you struggle with staying sober even after stretches of being alcohol free OR if you’re already sober but in the energy of hoping and wishing it sticks this time, this self-paced course will give you the tools to make lasting change. 

Get clear on the missing piece that’s kept you from staying sober long term, understand how to change it, and know exactly what to focus on to string together more sobriety time so you can experience the confidence to keep going and stay sober for good.

The Sobriety Shift Group Coaching Program

Stop letting alcohol kill your vibe and build a life beyond the bottle. The 12-week small group, transformational program for woman who are already sober, yet not living a full HELL YES life. 

You’re a boss babe in every other aspect of your life, but when it comes to your sobriety you hold back, don’t want to share, and feel uncomfortable. Deep down, you know the truth – you’re jealous of people online who are so confident about being sober, you’re tired of feeling embarrassed and ashamed of your experience with alcohol, and you just want to move on with your life.  

You’re the type of woman who wants to live a hell yes life and this “blah” feeling in sobriety is not that! You want to not give a f*ck what anyone thinks and proudly own the fact that you’re sober! Learn all aspects of The Sobriety Shift Methodology in this intimate and fully supported experience. Discover the new way to live an alcohol free life and stop letting sobriety kill your powerful, bossbabe vibe. 

Private Coaching

A completely customized 1:1 approach for your sobriety journey, limited to an exclusive number of clients per year who are fully committed to their growth and being sober long term. Regardless of where you are in your journey, added accountability and support can make all the difference in hitting your goals. We go deep and focus on building you a life that doesn’t involve alcohol, old patterns, or ANYTHING that stops you from living the life you were meant to live. Book a call with me, so we can connect personally to see if you’re a good fit for this program.

Empowered Sobriety

My Sobriety Shift alumni, this is for YOU! This program will support you in leveling up your sobriety boss babe vibes so that you can keep living a hell yes life! This life coaching program is designed to support you in your sobriety, life vision, fun/play, wins, challenges and all that life throws your way, using the tools you’ve already learned in The Sobriety Shift program, as well as live coaching and community with other Sobriety Shift babes. Think of this program as a gym membership to keep your brain & energy in tip-top shape so that you can continue to embody the most confident & empowered version of you in your alcohol-free life. Use this program to strengthen your sobriety or focus on “what’s next” for you!

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Address specific concerns that threaten your sobriety or keep you stuck in an abusive relationship with alcohol. There are many things that come up while on this sobriety journey that threaten to derail us or require more attention to overcome. The trainings in my course library were created for that purpose. Empower yourself to experience true freedom in every area of your life to live a life that’s bigger than the bottle. 

Do you have a partner/friend/family who still drinks and doesn’t know the real truth about your sobriety yet? Maybe you’ve been telling them the good ‘ole white lies for a while now and they’re still begging you to drink with them. If you delay speaking your truth about your sobriety, you’re risking falling back into the drinking cycle again and that’s the ultimate vibe killer! Create a customized way of sharing your sobriety with your loved ones so that you can start having fun together without alcohol. Build better, more honest relationships with the new, more confident you!

How to Powerfully Shift in Your Relationships & Get Support



Have you noticed that you want to drink or get super b*tchy around that time of the month? Or maybe you even get jealous of friends who drink because they can suppress the PMS with alcohol? I created this course because this used to be me and I realized that it was threatening my sobriety every single month! Yikes! You’ll create a deeper understanding of your body and your own customized cycle care plan, so your body doesn’t take you sideways or threaten your sobriety.

Cycle Awareness Course



Have trouble saying “no” to your loved ones with confidence and ZERO guilt? People pleasing, guilt, and lack of boundaries fester under the surface and often lead us back to the drink. I created this course after seeing tons of clients struggle with these issues, even after being sober for long periods of time. Learn to say no and clearly communicate your boundaries from a place of kindness and empowerment WITHOUT feeling the guilt later. Empowered sobriety relies on your ability to say “no” - not just to the bottle.

Boundary Confidence Course



Not sure where to begin?

Sobriety is full of twists and turns – it can feel overwhelming and you may not be sure what the next BEST step is for you. Let’s connect, so I can support you ASAP! 


Click below to book a complimentary personal and private call with me – yes, it’ll be with me and not someone on my team. We’ll discuss where you are now, your goals, and get focused on the best strategy for moving forward with the Sobriety Shift Methodology. You’ll leave this call with clarity and an action plan to stay sober and feel better about your choice to be alcohol free.